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Happy to announce the commencement of its New Year's sale for 2024, Air France is offering amazing savings on tickets worldwide. Travellers may take advantage of lower rates on certain routes from January 1st to February 3rd, which makes it the ideal time to start thinking about your next vacation. With its vast network spanning over 75 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia, Air France has you covered whether you're wanting to discover new places or return to old favourites. By booking early, you may significantly reduce your airfare and free up more time to spend creating memories rather than being bored at home. Why then wait? Begin arranging your ideal vacation right now! Prior to booking your ticket, make sure you have read all of the terms and restrictions pertaining to the Air France New Year Sale. If you have any questions or concerns about booking or cancelling your travel during the promotion, don't hesitate to call the airline's customer service agent at +1 (888) 322-4047 or 800-237-2747. Tell them about all of your problems, and they'll do their hardest to help and offer the greatest solutions on the market.

Top routes offered in the Air France New Year Sale 2024?

Searching for some fantastic travel offers to kick off the new year? The Air France New Year Sale 2024 is the only place to search! Top itineraries throughout Europe and beyond are available at incredible savings on flights from January 1st to February 3rd during this deal. This deal offers something for everyone, regardless of your travel preferences—you may discover new places or go back to old favourites.

Some of the top routes included in the sale are:

Paris to London (from €59)

Rome to Barcelona (from €69)

Amsterdam to Berlin (from €79)

Dubai to Bangkok (from €89)

Los Angeles to San Francisco (from $109)

What is the Eligibility criteria for Air France New Year Sale discounts?

To be eligible for Air France's New Year Sale discounts, customers must meet the following requirements:

  1. The sale is available to individuals residing in select countries worldwide, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.
  2. To receive the discount, customers must enter the appropriate promo code at the time of booking.
  3. Discounts can only be applied when booking directly with Air France via its website, mobile app, or contact center, or through authorized travel agencies.
  4. Some routes may have minimum fare requirements to qualify for the discount.
  5. Discounts may not be available on certain days of the week or during peak travel periods, such as holidays or summer vacation.
  6. Customers may need to choose which offer they want to use; combining multiple discounts may result in losing some benefits.
  7. Additional rules and regulations may be applied to the sale, so it's important to review Air France's official website or consult with their customer service for more information before making your purchase during the sale.

How do I grab the Air France new year sale 2024?

  1. Below are some key points to help you take advantage of Air France's New Year sale for 2024:
  2. Check the official Air France website or visit their sales page regularly for the latest deals and offers.
  3. Look out for discounts on flights to popular destinations, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.
  4. Take advantage of fare sales that offer significant savings on round-trip tickets, one-way fares, or even multi-city trips.
  5. Use your frequent flier miles or credit card points to book flights or upgrade to higher classes for additional perks.
  6. Book early to secure the best deals as prices tend to increase closer to the travel date.
  7. Consider flying during off-peak seasons or midweek to get cheaper rates.
  8. Sign up for the airline's newsletter or follow them on social media to stay updated on promotions and sales.

Note: Be prepared to act fast when you spot a great deal as these sales often go quickly, so don’t hesitate to book before they disappear!

Does Air France Allow combined discounts with New Year Sale deals?

Air France allows customers to combine multiple promotions and discounts during its New Year Sale event. This means that you can stack various offers, such as fare sales, loyalty program discounts, and other special promos, to enjoy even greater savings on your flight bookings. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. If you are a member of Air France's Flying Blue loyalty program, you may be eligible for additional discounts on top of any sale fares offered during the New Year Sale period.
  2. Air France permits customers to mix-and-match different promotional offers, including sale fares, loyalty discounts, and other limited-time deals.
  3. Any discounts or promotions applied to your booking will be deducted from the base fare of your ticket, excluding taxes, fees, and other charges.
  4. Some flights and travel periods may be excluded from the New Year Sale promotion due to high demand or other operational reasons. Be sure to check the terms and conditions carefully before making your purchase.

Note: Customers may need to choose which offer they want to use as combining multiple discounts may result in losing some benefits.

How Do I connect with the Air France representative for the New Year sale 2024?

You may contact Air France's customer care staff through a number of channels if you need help or have any queries about the airline's New Year's promotion. Kindly consult the attached documentation for further details on establishing contact with the airline.

Via contact number:

  1. To contact customer support at Air France, dial +1 (888) 322-4047 or 800-237-2747 and adhere to the automated prompts. 
  2. Select option 2 if you would want to modify or cancel your reservation.
  3. Choose option 3 to get help with misplaced or damaged luggage. 
  4. Alternatively, select option 4 to chat with a live customer support agent immediately. 
  5. You can press * to go back to the main menu.

Via live chat:

  1. Go to the Air France official website.
  2. Scroll down the page until you find the "Contact Us" section.
  3. Look for the chat icon located within this section and click on it.
  4. Enter your login information to access your account.
  5. Provide valid information regarding your issues or questions related to the Air France New Year sale, and the agent will do their best to assist you.

Via airport:

If you want assistance with any matters pertaining to Air France's sales, arrive at the airport early to ensure that your holiday journey is enjoyable. Standing in line might take some time, so it's best to be organised. Seek assistance from the airline's customer care desk or ticket counter if you're experiencing issues with their New Year's deal. When you arrive, explain the problem to the staff in a clear and polite way, and they will assign someone to assist you personally based on what you need.

Via email address:

If you're having trouble with Air France's New Year sale, don't worry - just contact their customer service team via email at +1 (888) 322-4047 or 800-237-2747. It might take them up to 7-8 business days to get back to you, but they'll try their best to help you solve your problem. Make sure you use a working email account when you reach out, and bundle all your concerns together in one message. Explain each issue clearly, and their agents will do their best to give you useful suggestions.

Via social media:

If you're planning to travel during the holidays and need help from Air France Airlines, it's super easy to reach their customer service through social media. Just head over to their official accounts on platforms like X, Instagram, or Facebook, and send them a direct message about any issues you have with their New Year sale. Their friendly customer service team will get back to you right away and make sure your concerns are resolved quickly and smoothly. Check out the links below for easy access to Air France Airlines' social media channels.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/airfrance/   


X: https://twitter.com/airfrance


Check out Air France's terms and conditions on their website before making or changing a travel reservation during their New Year's offer. Please do not hesitate to contact their customer care staff for assistance if you have any queries or issues. They'll do their hardest to help you and identify the most suitable option.


Q. What are the top routes featured in the Air France New Year Sale 2024
Ans. Explore exciting routes like Paris to London, Rome to Barcelona, and more. Visit the Air France website or call +1 (888) 322-4047 to book your discounted tickets.
Q. Is there a deadline for booking Air France New Year Sale tickets?
Ans. The sale runs from January 1st to February 3rd, so book within this period to take advantage of the discounted rates and ensure a memorable vacation.

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